The Big Wig is Born!

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Tony and Big Wig


The big day is here!

After two years of mind-pregnancy, I have finally given birth to my word-baby, The Big Wig. Now my little darling is on display for the world to see, and I have to be honest—that terrifies me.

The gestation period was lengthy—sometimes enjoyable, sometimes nerve-wracking, often fraught with morning-word sickness and writer’s block. Hours upon hours I spent in the cramped back bedroom of my home, nurturing my verb-child in the fertile garden of my skull-womb. Whilst hunched over my makeshift desk—shuttered away from my family, the electric glow of the laptop bathing my face—I grew my little time-snatcher day by day, hour by hour. I fed him plot and prose and dialogue, which he eagerly suckled through my keyboard-clacking teet-fingers. Larger and larger he grew, and much more rambunctious—had you placed your hand on my scalp, you’d have felt him kicking. Felt kinda weird.

Now, I’ve finally pushed the little bugger out of my broterus. I’ve wrapped him in a warm, vibrant cover and displayed him on the shelves of Amazon for the world to read. What will people think of him—this child conceived of my thoughts? What will they say about my creation, whom I’ve showered with so much time and love and effort? Will they adore him as I do? Will they think he sucks? Will he grow a massive reader base, or will he wither and die—an also-ran in an already oversaturated market?

I suppose mine is a fear that all new author-daddies and mommies face when they send their word-nursling into the unforgiving world of publishing. A little (big!) piece of us is being trotted out for judgment, and that can be a scary thought. Thankfully, the advance readers who’ve been allowed into the viewing area have given my little thought-baby some smashing reviews. Many of them couldn’t put him down!

Whatever occurs, I’m proud of my verby young lad. Bringing him into the world has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life. Whether he revels in towering success or languishes in cold obscurity, he has been a wonderful experience. I’ve grown as a writer and a person, and I’ve notched a personal accomplishment that I can be proud of. The Big Wig has been big, big fun.

And now, I’m mind-pregnant with his little sister. Shhh. J

For those who’ve already gotten their hands on a copy of The Big Wig, how’s about headin’ on over to Amazon and giving him a review? It will help put him through college!

And for those who want a test run, here’s the full book description followed by the easiest way to read the first six chapters for FREE!


The Big Wig

The Big Wig

After surviving a bizarre near-death experience, lonely flesh-planet Wiggy Higgins launches a gut-busting quest to lose weight fast and find his true love before life passes him by. Tortured by an overzealous personal trainer who becomes his best friend, the Big Wig trades his deep-fried bacon and sci-fi movies for the Paleo Diet and CrossFit, battling himself and his peers in an office rife with naughty temptations.

Unfortunately for him, his mission is no secret. Forced into the spotlight by a sizzling-hot boss with a motive, Wiggy is swept up in a typhoon of unwanted fame. Old friendships are tested; unlikely unions are forged; new enemies emerge—it seems not everyone wants the Big Wig to succeed. And just when he thinks he’s getting a grasp on his challenging new lifestyle, he encounters the woman of his dreams, and all bets are off.

Heart-wrenching, inspiring, and laugh-out-loud hilarious, The Big Wig is the chocolate cake of weight loss stories—take one bite and you’ll eat the whole thing!


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  1. My husband is reading The Big Wig now, he is laughing so hard, out loud he can hardly finish the paragraph. Had to get up and wash his eyes out. Don’t know where or what part, he won’t tell me so as not to spoil it for me! Can’t wait to find out!

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