The Big Wig Cover Reveal!

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The Big Wig cover

The Big Wig cover

A little late now, but here it is—the official cover of The Big Wig! This cover beat out about nine others, four of which I’ve posted on this blog. My designer, Derek Murphy at CreativIndie, came up with the concept, and we worked extensively together—hewing and molding and carving—until we came up with this bright, vibrant jewel.

Some reasons I went with this cover:

1. The colors jump out at you. When you’re browsing the Kindle store, scrolling through an endless parade of dark covers, this one will leap from the screen.

2. It’s a little goofy, just like my story.  Fat guy with poor fashion sense struggling with a kettlebell while his belly plays peekaboo from under his shirt—that’s my Wiggy. His dog, Sienna, and his love interest, Brandy, make the cut as well. I think they give you a sense that this book is not only about weight loss.

3. The track in the background is of major significance in the story, but aside from that, I like the open air horizon being plainly visible. This story is a journey, and that big, beautiful vista represents everything Wiggy is working for.

I hope you like the cover as much as I do. And if you’re an author looking for a cover designer, you won’t be disappointed with Derek’s work. His prices are fair and he goes the extra mile.

News about book availability is coming soon!

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