It is very rare that a book can make me bust out laughing. The Big Wig did it over and over again! Hilarious, witty, wicked . . . one of the funniest damn things I’ve ever read! If you ever hit the gym or need to lose a few lbs, you’ll learn a lot from reading this, cracking up all the way.  Tough to put down. Read it and see for yourself!  ~Gilbert Perez


The author sets the hook within the first two pages. We are compelled to join Wiggy on a roller coaster ride of emotion that changes our lives forever! Great read!  ~David H. Garcia


Huston bitchslaps the jelly doughnut out of your hand on this one! This is an outstanding journey through an all-too-relatable struggle with self-worth and the challenge of pushing further than ever imagined. Our hero, Wiggy, shows us how to persevere as he trudges through tacos, fried chicken, and endless tons of pizza to  not only learn that a new image is possible, but that there is another world out there . . . everyone deserves love and happiness. You will laugh and cheer as you instantly find a piece of this character in which you relate to. Run, don’t walk (it burns more calories!) to get this book!  ~Jane Smith


As you read through Wiggy’s struggles, you will transform. At times, I wanted to jump up and do burpees with him! An inspiring and very relatable tale. You’ll be sprinting though the pages!  ~Pat S.


I didn’t put this book down until I had finished it! It is a witty and hilarious look at the struggles anyone who has tried to lose weight can relate to. It is a comedy with a heart as Wiggy learns that losing weight is the easy part, navigating the changes in those around you(and yourself) is the real challenge.  ~Sherri R.