Movie Casting for The Big Wig!

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I won’t lie. As I was writing The Big Wig, I remained ever mindful of one overriding directive. Namely—craft my story so that it would be easily adaptable to the silver screen. I mean, what author doesn’t want to see his/her precious little word-baby grow into a blockbuster movie? It’s a pipe dream, certainly, but you never know how things will play out. It could happen.

As I fleshed out my characters, I couldn’t help wondering what Hollywood celebrities might someday win the coveted roles of Wiggy, Tommy, Lisa, Brandy, Cesare, Ruth, etc. Just for grins, I came up with my own little wish list. If you’ve read The Big Wig, I’d love to know how you feel about these choices. Which ones are spot-on? Who do you think would be better?

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The Heavies:


Wiggy Higgins – ???

The Big Wig himself, in my opinion, should be an unknown, much like Mark Hamill was unknown when he was cast as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. And if I had any creative control over the movie, I’d insist that they NOT dress a skinny actor in a fat suit or use CGI to generate false poundage. I’d want a true chubber in the role, and I’d want to film his genuine reactions to the grueling workouts he endures in the novel.

Channing Tatum as Tommy Sheppard in The Big Wig

Tommy Sheppard - Channing Tatum

He’d need longer hair and sharper muscle definition, but I think ol’ Magic Mike would do quite nicely as the meat-headed, sex-minded personal trainer and champion of the Paleo Diet. It’s easy to picture him teaching Wiggy things, shouting at him, embarrassing him, and ultimately developing a friendship. And of course, the ladies would love watching him walk around shirtless in the locker room.

Melissa McCarthy as Lisa Downey in The Big Wig

Lisa Downey - Melissa McCarthy

This one’s a bit of a toughie for me. For Lisa, we need a plump, brown-haired nerdy girl who can really deliver the sass, and I can’t think of many candidates. The closest actress I can come up with is Melissa McCarthy. She’s not exactly who I pictured (a little too old?), but there’s no doubt she’d be a killer Lisa.

Victor Alfieri as Cesare Strazzio in The Big Wig

Cesare Strazzio - Victor Alfieri

There could be a number of Italian-born actors working in Hollywood, but if there are, I don’t know them. So I googled “hunky Italian actors” and found this guy, Victor Alfieri. (Yes, I felt exceedingly gay searching for “hunky Italian actors”) He’s been in a few things you may have seen, but he is apparently best known for his roles in the soaps All My Children and The Bold and the Beautiful. I can’t comment on Victor’s acting chops, but if you gave him a short, oily, expertly-manicured haircut, he would definitely resemble the Cesare I picture in my head.

Megan Fox as Brandy Anderson in The Big Wig

Brandy Anderson - Megan Fox

There is a model on the cover of The Big Wig who for me is the perfect-looking Brandy—pretty, sweet, and a bit innocent-looking. If Megan Fox can pull off those qualities, I think she’d be perfect in this role. And being that Megan is a self-admitted nerd-at-heart, she’d probably mesh nicely with Wiggy’s ultra-nerdy character.

Christina Hendricks as Ruth Lessieur in The Big Wig

Ruth Lessieur - Christina Hendricks

Ruth Lessieur is the hottest woman at Orion Engineering and Christina fits the bill. You know her from the AMC hit series Mad Men, but she’d be playing a substantially different character in The Big Wig—a cold, “Ruthless” manager who runs the company like a supreme dictator. Before I’d support her as my choice for Ruthless, I’d need to see her audition to ensure she could strike the necessary fear into me. Yeah right, who am I kidding? She is so in.


Supporting Cast:


Ben Whishaw as Twitch in The Big Wig

Twitch - Ben Whishaw

He’s got the look. He’s got the skills. He’s played a gay guy before in Cloud Atlas. And he also played Q in Skyfall, the 2012 James Bond film, so he’s pretty damn awesome. If he can master the nervous ticks that give Twitch his nickname, he’ll nail this part. One caveat—he’d have to hide his English accent.

Idris Elba as Don Sterling in The Big Wig

Don Sterling - Idris Elba

I was watching Prometheus the other day and BAM! I discovered my Don Sterling. I say "discovered," but the dude has been in a lot of movies. You may know him from Thor and Pacific Rim. Idris is pretty much exactly who I picture as the Regional CEO of my fictional Orion Engineering. However, if we don’t film The Big Wig soon (within five years or so), Idris will be too old. Hollywood, let’s get on this, huh?

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dale the Barbarian in The Big Wig

Dale the Barbarian - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ahnuld has been revealed as a pretty big jerk in recent years, but I just can’t stay mad at the guy. I’ve been a huge fan of his since Pumping Iron (old school, brah), and I wrote Dale the Barbarian’s part with Arnie in mind. Though I didn’t give Dale an Austrian accent (that would have been way too on-the-nose—and therefore stupid), there is no doubt about who I’d want as my Dale.

Gabrielle Union as Rachel Hendersen in The Big Wig

Rachel Hendersen – Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle is best known for her role as Kirsten Dunst’s rival cheerleader in Bring It On. Don’t ask me how I know that. Gabrielle is a dead-on Rachel in my book—that nice big smile is exactly what I’m looking for.

Pamela Anderson as Kimberly Dixon in The Big Wig

Kimberly Dixon – Pamela Anderson

Is there any better fit than Pamela for Kim Dixon, the aggressive office tramp? She’s sexy in a fake and shallow way—the kind of sexy that a lot of undiscerning men respond to—and it’s easy to picture her grimacing at Wiggy’s legendary tonnage. It’s very strange that I never thought of her while I was writing my novel, because she’s almost exactly who I imagine in the “All Day Buffet” role.

Justin Chon as Raymond Wong in The Big Wig

Raymond Wong - Justin Chon

You’ve probably never heard of Justin. He played Jeff Chang in the forgettable coming of age movie, 21 & Over. While that movie tanked, I never forgot Justin. I was finishing up the rough draft of The Big Wig round about the time 21 & Over came out, and Justin struck me as a perfect Raymond. Slip a thick Asian accent into his mouth and he’s my guy.


There you have it—my cast for the movie adaptation of The Big Wig! What do you think? Of course, we all conjure our own images of the characters as we read any book. Who would you suggest as a better option for these roles? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I’d see this movie!

  2. YES for Tommy and Cesare! 🙂

  3. Indiana Jones says:

    Some pretty hot women in this movie.

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