Aphrodite Rising

A Bold Confession

I have a confession to make. No better way to make it than to just come out with it. *sigh* Here it goes. –I’m a woman– There, I said it. And I’ll say it again. I’m a woman. A pretty damn good-lookin’ one, too. My name is Jenny Cogburn. Well, really, it’s Tony Huston, but in my new novel, I’m Jenny Cogburn. The year is 2047, and I live near Boston with my husband, Kip. We have everything: a strong marriage, a beautiful home in the burbs, a baby on the way—I’m living the white picket fantasy that every young lady dreams of. And now I’m gonna get murdered. It’s all Kip’s fault. God knows I love him, but sometimes the man is so childish, you’d think his brain is made of Legos. See, he’s a sucker for new technology. Show him the latest HoloPhone or HoverTruck and he’ll show you his credit card with no questions asked. And now, he’s just brought home a robot—an ugly, creepy “android” that looks like the ghoulish love-child of Howdy Doody and the clown from IT. It lumbers around my house, leering at me with soulless blue eyes and a stack of gleaming, fake teeth. I swear it wants to kill me. “Oh, honey, don’t be silly,” says Kip with that irritating boyish charm. “The Brobot 3000 is harmless–he’s programmed to never hurt humans. In fact, he’ll be our servant! He’ll wash the dishes, he’ll do the laundry, he’ll mow the yard—he’s a godsend, honey!” That’s how Kip gets me. That’s how I cave and allow this THING into my home. An unpaid servant who’ll take on all my household chores so I can have more time to write my masterpiece. I’m an amateur writer, you see, and I’m trying to land a publishing contract. Seduced by the possibilities, I give this maid-bot free reign. I mean, how can a girl refuse a free maid, right? But I’ve made a mistake. It watches me. It smiles at me. Those rubbery lips. That voiceless grin. That fake, ruddy hair like you’d see on a 1930’s porcelain doll. Maybe I’m being silly. Maybe I’ve read too many horror novels. But I swear to God this thing is more intelligent than it lets on. Something bad is gonna happen. This “harmless” robot is plotting something, I know it. And most disturbing, it seems much too...

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