The Big Wig

The Big Wig cover

The Big Wig cover


The Big Wig is now available for free on Amazon Kindle Unlimited!


Book description:

After surviving a bizarre near-death experience, lonely flesh-planet Wiggy Higgins launches a gut-busting quest to lose weight fast and find his true love before life passes him by. Tortured by an overzealous personal trainer who becomes his best friend, the Big Wig trades his deep-fried bacon and sci-fi movies for the Paleo Diet and CrossFit, battling himself and his peers in an office rife with naughty temptations.

Unfortunately for him, his mission is no secret. Forced into the spotlight by a sizzling-hot boss with a motive, Wiggy is swept up in a typhoon of unwanted fame. Old friendships are tested; unlikely unions are forged; new enemies emerge—it seems not everyone wants the Big Wig to succeed. And just when he thinks he’s getting a grasp on his challenging new lifestyle, he encounters the woman of his dreams, and all bets are off.

Heart-wrenching, inspiring, and laugh-out-loud hilarious, The Big Wig is the chocolate cake of weight loss stories—take one bite and you’ll eat the whole thing!





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